Welcome to Grace!

We are a worshipping community of Christians in the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, who believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ - and take to heart his teaching of the inclusive love of God. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and we are sure you probably want to know more.

Here’s a few questions we are sure you already have:

  1. What is your church like - what do you believe and practice? Grace is an Episcopal Church, which is a denomination that straddles a traditional style of worship with a decidedly progressive and inclusive theology that comes out of our preaching, hospitality and service to the community.

  2. What times are your services? We have an 8:00am service with communion every Sunday that is simple and brief. Then we have a 10:00am service that includes music and is followed by our awesome coffee hour. On the first and third Saturdays of the month we also have “Saturday Grace,” a 5pm casual come-as-you-are service, too.

  3. Where do I park? We have spots in front of the church on Pine Street, angled parking spots on Hickory Street, and a lot behind the church too. Take your pick!

  4. You have communion at each service - How does that work? At Grace, we believe this is the Lord’s Supper, which is God’s feast and intended for all God’s people. You are invited to take communion or come forward for a blessing if you prefer. We use real bread, too (and we have gluten-free wafers upon request).

  5. Do you welcome children? Yes, wholeheartedly. Children are invited to stay through worship and we provide crayons and children’s bulletins for their amusement and learning, too. We are used to having infants and toddlers and older children, and we encourage their participation and presence.

  6. Your church seems really Catholic - am I mistaken? Great observation. The Episcopal Church, a branch of the Anglican Communion (the Church of England) is special in that it marries the Catholic style of worship (“smells and bells” and other details which those who are Roman Catholic will instantly recognize) but with a much more “Protestant” sensibility in understanding the Bible and embracing reason and experience. Episcopal Churches are known for example for having female and LGBT+ clergy and for allowing same-sex marriage.

  7. Do you have Sunday School? We do - at 9:45am on Sunday mornings. Children are invited to attend our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd class for ages 3-6 or a class for older children ages 7-10. The children rejoin the adults in worship in time for communion. Students in middle and high school are invited to participate as acolytes in worship or as chaperones in Sunday’s School. Adults are invited to join a weekly class on a variety of topics in the parish hall each week at 9am Occasionally we don’t have Sunday School when there are big celebrations or other occasions (such as major holidays).

  8. Is there a way for me to talk further with the priest? Yes! The Vicar, Greg, would love to talk further with you if you have any questions, no matter how big or small. His email is greg@gracenewlenox.org.

  9. I am hoping to have my child baptized a Christian - is that possible? Absolutely. Baptism, or the rite of initiation into the church, is available to any who seek it. We tend to baptize infants more frequently, who simply need at least one parent or godparent (“sponsor”) who is already a baptized Christian. Please contact the Vicar to talk about scheduling you or your child’s baptism.

  10. My fiancé and I would like to be married at Grace or in the Episcopal Church, are there any barriers, costs or requirements? We absolutely do not charge a fee for a sacrament. Any couple who would like to be married, including LGBT+, are welcome to do so with the following requirements: (1) that they give the priest at least 30 days notice, (2) that they be prepared by the priest in at least 3 sessions of marriage preparation and (3) that at least one of the two in the couple is a baptized Christian (if not, see #8 above!).

  11. I really want to consider officially becoming a member of Grace and the Episcopal Church. Terrific - the first thing can do to help us out is to fill out this form below. The priest or parish administrator will be able to contact you and work on filling out paperwork for membership. Welcome to the Church!


We definitely welcome children at Grace, of all ages! Pictured here is Fr. Greg delivering a children’s homily on Easter Day, April 1, 2018. Photo by Joan Hilton.


Grace hosted a community Vigil in response to gun violence in America on Thursday, August 8, 2019. Photo by Pam Bloom.


Fr. Greg trains new and veteran acolytes in how to process in worship. August 18, 2019. Photo by Robyn Flowers.