Nominee Period Open for Bishop’s Committee

This Nomination Form may be submitted immediately if you are nominating yourself or someone else.  In the event you are nominating someone else, the church will contact that person to confirm their willingness to stand for election; if that is the case, then the nominee will need to fill out a brief questionnaire and provide a photo.  Handwritten, typed, emailed or mailed forms are perfectly acceptable.

You may submit the form below, or print/download and fill out the FORM HERE

Is this Nomination for You or Someone Else *
Nominee's Name *
Nominee's Name
Phone *
If you are nominating someone else, is this person aware of your nomination of them? *
Are you / the Nominee at least 16 years of age? *
Are you / the Nominee a baptized Christian? *
Are you / the Nominee known to the Treasurer (either in pledged giving or giving of record in the offertory plate or other donations? *
Are you / the Nominee a communicant in good standing (defined as having received the sacrament of the Eucharist at least three times at Grace in the last calendar year? *

Please note there is more information about nominations, the canons of the Church, and the questionnaire that nominees are required to complete HERE.