The season of hope and expectancy, of preparing the way for the Christ Child in your heart, and of awaiting the second coming of Jesus. Advent is more closely linked with Lent than any other season, and is a meditative, introspective time preparing for the feast of the Incarnation (Christmas).

The First Sunday of Advent

December 1 (Saturday Grace, 5pm)

December 2 (8am, 10am) - Wreath-Making after the 10am

The second Sunday of Advent

December 9 (8am, 10am)

The third Sunday of Advent

December 15 (Saturday Grace, 5pm)

December 16 (8am, 10am) - Cookie Exchange after the 10am

The fourth Sunday of Advent

December 23 (8am, 10am) - Greening of the Church after the 10am service

Christmas Eve

On this holy day, we celebrate the birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. The season of Christmas begins for twelve days at the stroke of midnight.